A Young Black Man Growing Up That Don’t Understand

With what is happening across the world and our nation, as a young black male growing up in society today, I would like to be heard. I want them to understand and feel Black African Americans pain, hurt, and suffering. Although I am at rage I do not want to hurt them physically but mentally. I want other races especially white to realize we are just like them hard working, educated, and built to own our own companies. If I had the power to use injustice towards other races as they do unto us Black African Americans, I would let them see how we are abused from police brutality. I would confront history in order to repair for the next generations. Equality and freedom should be equal to all races. You cannot say we are a free country when racism still exists. And, without justice we won’t have peace and we will forever be at war. It’s like we’re still in slavery days and us Black African Americans are helpless. We’re crying out for help and no one is listening. Silence is morally complicit. We need to stand together for something or fall together for nothing. I don’t want to wonder if I’m going to make it past 13 years old. I don’t want my mother to hear my last words “I CAN’T BREATHE, I DIDN’T DO NOTHING WHY AM I BEING DETAINED?” Break the chains and remove the shackles, heal these deep wounds and help us Black African Americans fight for justice.

 – Kelmir Emerson, 12

I don’t believe there is a cure for racism. I think people need to realize we are all human. I also think white people should see that they have it way easier than Black Americans. Racism will be around until other races wake up and see their privileged ways.

– Hipolito V., 13

I think the cure for racism is that everybody needs to see that up under our skin we are all the same.

– Khalil P., 14

Ignore it because if you ignore it and stay away from it then it won’t bother you.

– Damien M., 11

I think the cure for racism is not going to be found for a while because people just say things that other people would go back on, but the cure should be found only by ourselves in our heart and to learn how to accept people for who they are.

– Jaamier G., 12

I think the cure racism is that people should not judge people off the color of their skin. I think they should get to know them first and just be nice.

– Chris B., 13

I think if people would just talk to more people that are different races that would make it easier for everyone to communicate and also for the people to stop making fun of each other. I think having a variety of races in your friend group would help a lot.

– Julius G., 13

Honestly there is no cure for racism because no matter what we say people are still going to find a way to be racist just because they are cruel. Some remedies is just to stop; that is the only way to stop if we has a community or the world. We just all begin to stop because anybody can be racist no matter what so how about we all just stop.

– Tye B.S., 14

Everybody just needs to be treated equally. If that happens everything will be resolved.

– Emmanuel C., 15

There is no cure for people who dislike someone for their skin color or their differences in culture. It can be cut down but never stopped because people will forever have their opinion on people.

– Cameron D., 15

I think it’s a good idea that they are doing this because of what’s happening right now.  Some ways we could treat it is by stopping it from going into something we can’t control or we find its soft spot and stop it like that. This is good that they are doing A Cure For Racism because it gets us involved.

– Azael F., 15

Yes, there is an answer – make racism a crime. People should spend time in jail knowing it is not alright to purposefully say offensive things because of someone’s skin color. Then people will not be racist anymore because they will fear going to jail. They will then later realize it is not ok just to be racist, because it’s not worth it to spend time in jail for saying something offensive to somebody.

– Kendall M.,14

In my opinion there’s no cure to racism, because this has been going on for many years now and there’s no stopping it now or ever (in my opinion). If racism was a disease then maybe people could just hang around people of different color, and get to know them a little bit more. People could also do social activities with people of different color as well for better understanding.

– Jaylen S., 17

One cure for racism is younger folks’ words. Young kids and teens’ words should be put out there for the community to hear. Some people will see what younger kids are going through and see how it would eventually affect kids in the future.

– Edwin V., 15

No, there is not a cure for racism because it would’ve happened. Racism has been around for a long time. It’s been around before you were born and the people who are racist are passing it down to the younger generations. So, I feel like if there was a cure it would’ve been applied.

– Sharod W., 16

Maybe there isn’t a cure because some people have crazy, twisted minds but different colored people can’t let those people get into our heads. We have to show them that we are human just like them, and there’s nothing they can do to change that. Everything that is going on right now with looting isn’t helping us get justice but giving them another reason to erase us from this world. So, we need to protest but in a way that will get their attention to change their hearts and protest with us.

– Kittrell B.,14

: Treat everyone the same way you want to be treated; we are all equal.

: Don’t teach it; come together as one.

: Accept everyone; even if their skin color isn’t the same.

: Learn what’s right; and wrong

: Do what you believe is right; and help others out

: Show people how it´s done.

– JaeLyn C., 15

There are many cures for racism, but there is only one way to actually get rid of it. For example, people shall all be sentenced to 4 years minimum for being racist towards one another. Bring everything together and have neighborhoods mixed with blacks and whites. Also, have both cultures go through the same problems and not have one treated differently because of their skin color.

– Devon F., 14

When everyone works together they become stronger. We all have rights to do things separately. If we work together we can conquer anything together.

– Brian J., 16

I feel like one thing that could help is further educating people about why there is racism and why some races are upset.  Also, to help more people understand that fear is a big factor in racism, some races fear others and it becomes a negative outcome.

– Adrian K., 15

I think they can cure racism by protesting. Another way is they can use posters. And, another way is they can pay the racist people less.

– Marcus R., 15

Peace and love, try to come together and figure things out as one instead of alone.

If we can do that we will be able to solve racism and equality.

And for those who won’t, ignore them.

– Lorenzo R. 18

I think that there is no cure for racism. It’s not a disease that random people can get; it’s something that people learn from others. If this “cure” thing works then ok, there are still more racist people to go.

– Nate R.B., 15

The cure to racism is change and responsibility.

– Ja’Kobe T., 14

In my opinion there is no cure for racism. I believe this because if we were to try and “cure” racism it would have to be something that everyone wants to get rid of. People view others the way they want and if it’s in a negative way we can’t control how they choose to be. Everybody doesn’t want to change and that plays a part in why racism is still a big issue. That’s why the people that don’t discriminate and aren’t racist need to come together and be strong as one and not let the outsiders tear down the attempt to make change.

– Dominick B., 17

Let’s be honest there isn’t a cure for racism. There are people who are still living in the 1960s. Even though racism isn’t such a chaotic theme like they were in the 60s there are a lot of unjust acts being done to our communities of color. It’s sad because there isn’t going to be a cure for these types of things, all simply because of the color of people’s skin. Instead of focusing on things like world hunger, cancer, finding homes for the homeless and most importantly for saving the earth from pollution and keeping it clean, we worry about the color of other people’s skin, something that should’ve been left years ago. At the end of the day WE ARE HUMANS and that’s the bottom line, no one was made different, everyone was made to be equal.

– Anthony D., 17

Personally, there is no cure for racism. This could be like chickenpox. If you get the disease you will just have to fight it off. There is no running from it. It will come to you or you won’t get chickenpox at all. There is the immunization but if it comes out terribly then things will just happen to the body.

– Maillyn G., 17

I think that there is no cure for racism because, no matter where in the world somebody is going to hate and that’s just facts. What people nowadays are just ignorant and full of hate. I mean how I see the world or so called “EARTH” is if me and mines are good then we good.

– Norris J., 19

 I believe there is no cure for racism. For the simple fact that that’s what some people are born into and have no choice because that’s the environment around them. And now they will act that current way and it’s just instilled in them.

– Anthony M., 18

I think there can be many remedies for the disease of racism. One cure can be not putting a label on people because of what their “race” does. Get to know people individually. Another cure can be finding the real reason you don’t like that specific “race” and improve on your morals towards all human beings.

– Michael S., 18

I think the cure for racism is needed on both ends, more white than black. These cops need to stop acting like they are slaves. I think the cure is helping black people as much as possible. You can’t be racist for no reason and that’s what some cops do and this is why the cops need to be trained better.

– Joshua L., 13

I think the cure for racism is respect. I think that because so far, black people are being killed more than white people. No matter what, we are all still human. So, we should be treated equally.

– Landon N., 12

There is no cure for racism, just certain people like saying racist things to people. Bias, segregation, and racialism. People who are racist have nothing better to do with their life so they say and do the things they do.

– Sajhi N., 12

I don’t think there is a cure for racism because people are ignorant.

– Izaiah A.O., 13

I think the cure of racism is togetherness; by that I mean everyone coming together as a family and meeting one another or getting to know one another. The reason I think doing this is the cure to racism is mostly because it would be able to bring people at peace and harmony with one another meaning no fighting, no protests, no aggressiveness in general just simple peace and harmony.

– Zamir J., 12

I think a cure for racism is to stop protesting and just post or record yourself defining racism and how it needs to be put to an end. Some remedies that can cure racism is stop protesting. Protesting just leads to more chaos. I mean like I know ya’ll trying to stand for ya’ll rights and protest for ya’ll rights but like that’s a risk to catch the coronavirus, get peppered sprayed, or tear gassed. So, posting it on like Instagram or Snap Chat or Twitter will help spread the news.

– Melvin K., 12

I don’t think there will ever be a cure for racism because there’s been racism for many years. It’s 2020 and we still haven’t broken from those bad ideas. To help address this maybe the president could send out a message and find a way to make racism illegal.

– Romeo L., 13

I feel like there is a cure for racism if everyone can be obedient to most things that’s going on and learn how to love each other. God says you have to love each other not hate each other. I think if everybody learns that we are all the same in the world and to love God then we will be good. I hope that everybody can get along with each other.

– Tajmere M., 12

I do not think there is a cure. At the end of the day colored people will still be treated the same. It is not right how we get treated. There will be no day where everybody in the world is considered equal.

– Jaylyn M., 12

The Cure For Racism Is Cancer. Listen to the music of the voices around you. As the machines tick, as the ventilators suck and heave and exhale, as the very ground beneath our feet starts to dissolve, we shall be changed. Coming around, coming around, coming across, coming around.

– Anthony P., 13

I  think the cure of racism is good people. Some bad people are like criminals and they like being racist so if you give them a year in jail they’ll stop being racist. But cops they should be fired so all that hard work they did was for nothing and they deserve to rot in prison for murder because they don’t like the other color person or think their skin is a weapon because not all people is like that.

– Randy S., 12

There is no cure for racism, but if there was one it would be to stop the racial profiling and the systemic racism. If all races are treated like equals then there will be no racism. Covid-19 is like the disease of racism because there is no cure and lives have been taken by it.

– Temir B.J., 12

  Stop being racist to other people. Be nice to people and treat people with respect. It is just making the world bad if you keep being racist.

– Jameere B., 13

I don’t think there will ever be a cure for racism. People have to change on their own. If they don’t change then there is nothing we can do.

– Dakotah C., 12

There is nothing to cure, black people can’t cure racism.

– Makai C., 12

Some of the remedies I think would help to eliminate racism is if they taught it more in school. It would be very helpful for white people to be more aware of racism. That is one remedy I think that can cure the racism disease.

– Makhi F., 13

Everybody getting along with each other, the white cops are just killing the black man in the world like George Floyd. Whites just killed a man who was jogging through the block then they rolled up on him and shot him on camera. His family was real sad when they heard about what happened to her kid, she was in tears run down her face.

– Cai’ryn J., 12

There is no cure, it’s just a thing that needs to stop happening in the world. There is no point to be racist anymore. There is no point to make fun of people’s skin, that’s just not right.

– Ayden L., 13

Stop stereotyping. Stereotypes make a certain thing look bad. That I think will stop racism.

– Tommy M.A., 12

I think the cure for racism is that people need to stop stealing clothes and shoes from stores and also cops stop killing innocent people like black people. I want the cure to be like everyone having peace. Not blood and killing. I want to be like everyone gets together and has a great time and talk it out. Let’s have fun and talk about what is happening and that it needs to stop. People want to have fun and play outside and have a good time with other people.

– Nyzhier R., 13

I think the cure is for us to all come together and be equal.

– Lamar F., 18