Though various attempts were made by many who have been honored and respected in the history of our nation, who tried to instill equality and social justice to an entirety, racial oppression still exists and casts an evil eye on the innocent. Through the reconstruction period, Abraham Lincoln persuaded the constitution to assemble a newly forged system, with amendments benignant for all races and ethnicities residing in this country. However, we were faced with a horrendous and unacceptable situation a few days ago, the demise of George Floyd that caused protests that persist today. To uplift and implement racial justice to permanently eradicate racial wanton, we need to treat this disease with remedies of empathy followed by compassion and advocate for equality by campaigning politically and socially.

Moreover, empathy, a lieutenant of victory, can plummet the spread of racial oppression accompanied by compassion. People need to assimilate the agony that those who are discriminated against because of color; they need to understand the importance of equality and acknowledge the actions performed by people with diverse races. They’ve done no harm or sin by being born with different skin colors, but a few treat them as evil omens. To prevent this, people could create vlogs of people with diverse races performing selfless service for their brothers and sisters and their country in various forms. Subsequently, people would develop emotions of regret and guilt for treating them harshly and disrespectfully. Therefore, people emerge with feelings of empathy for the suffrage the innocent have faced. They start understanding the quandaries people are facing because of their skin color and will develop love and compassion for them. Afterward, racial oppression will diminish and equality and justice will blossom; empathy and compassion are the best weapon for victory.

In addition, women gained equal rights by advocating through social and political campaigns; they concocted women’s rights as an amendment for the entire nation to oblige by. Though time-consuming, this method was efficacious through diligence and the ministration of innumerable activists and petitions. Therefore, people commenced viewing women as their role models, those who misconstrued women, refined their perception, and started treating them with the respect they demanded. Correspondingly, people who are treated differently because of their skin color should campaign for equality to obtain racial justice. Though some might believe that campaigning for racial justice won’t end racism, it will astound many when it will. Do you know why there aren’t any people who treat women differently in the United States? It isn’t because people are required to treat women equally, but people treat women with respect because of their incredible accomplishments; women proved themselves through campaigns by earning equal rights for all women living in the United States and provided young women with a bright future. Similarly, people who are faced with racial oppression should strive for an accomplishment by hosting campaigns, righteously, to impress and expand the perspective of people who discriminate by color, they should prove that they are also granted with unique and special talents. Color should never be a barrier to the way you or other people feel of one another, one’s character and human nature should.

Collectively, racial oppression affects the lives of innocuous people, many that follow justice and treat others the way they want to be treated but still face unjustified vengeance. One must treat all humankind around the world as a family; skin color and ethnicity should never be an objection for forming relationships; they are the major components that make one unique and special. One can only ascertain bliss when he/she treats people with equanimity and respect. Together in unity, people can unveil remedies to cease this disease once and for all; let’s make it count this time!