HITRECORD and Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives are inviting you to collaborate on 10 pieces of art to celebrate Black Excellence!

Together, with all of YOU, we’ll be creating 10 art pieces recognizing Black Excellence, which we’re calling “Virtual Monuments.” These pieces could be songs, illustrations, short films, photo collages – but each one will celebrate an important moment or influential figure from Black History or Black Culture in its own, unique way.

At the start of this collaboration, we’ll focus on the first of our 10 monuments – a video inspired by one of Frederick Douglass’s famous speeches – “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?”!

We’ll also start brainstorming what the subjects of our remaining 9 monuments could be – and in the coming weeks, you’ll find more projects on the HITRECORD page, one for each of the 10 monuments we’ll make together. A team of Community Producers from the HITRECORD community will lead these projects along, and once all 10 monuments are complete, we’ll debut the final pieces, and share them with the world across social media!

This is also a funded HITRECORD production. HITRECORD will be donating a portion of the funds set aside for this production to FDFI, and anyone whose contribution is used in one of the final Virtual Monuments will be paid. You can find information on how all the funds set aside for this production will be distributed HERE.


CLICK HERE to jump in on the projects!